I’d like to begin by thanking everyone for the great support offered in this time of despair.  Last week, October 12, 2011 around 3:30pm central standard time we lost the paddle board.

It’s been very blurry and hard to comprehend all of this.  As time goes on, I know we will begin to find ways to feel normal again.  Until then we are very appreciative of everyone’s support and kind words.


OK.  Enough of that.


 We had just ordered the 12’6″ Kaholo kit over the phone after working in the morning.  Then we decided it was time to glue the deck to the  rest of the frame.  I mixed up the epoxy and thickened it up.  We got every touching surface touched up with the goo and set the deck on.

We taped  around the entire frame and put weighted the top.  Then I left because I needed to go to work.  I hadn’t even made it out of the subdivision when I got the call from Marc.

The sawhorse had shattered, the nose went down and broke the sidewalls and sheer clamps in half.  Sick joke right?

Unfortunately it wasn’t a joke.  This is the aftermath.

The next day we contacted CLC and they gave us some options: scarf joint, new side walls, or a lot of epoxy.

We have not yet figured out how we will remedy the problem.  Marc is certain he wants to not see the damage on the completed build.  I suspect we will remove side walls and replace them.

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