Repairs are coming along.  After a few emails between us and CLS Boats we came up with  a plan.  The plan was to create butt joints along the side walls, repair the sheer clamps and reinforce within using scraps.  The tricky part was re-leveling everything.  There are some rougher looking spots.  Not to mention where I scuffed right through the first layer with a sander.  It gives her some character.  She could be on Maury.


So onto describing photos!  Side walls had to be removed with a multi-max tool which was perfect.  Sliced flush along the seam with no issues.  If you don’t have this tool-get one.  Very handy.  Damaged walls were removed and new ones cut to fit and butt joint in.  Used many many clamps to re install.  After a second application of peanut butter fill-it-ing mush it was ready for epoxy and another go at gluing the deck on.  This time we placed it on the ground.  Used pieces of wood and bags of sand to glue the top down.  It worked like a charm.

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