I missed a lot of the sanding (oh no…).  Marc rounded out the edges, and sanded down the entire board with up to 220-grit paper.  Also went ahead and installed the fin box he ordered.  We’ve decided to not use the fins supplied by CLC.  Neither of us feel they are quite long enough for great tracking.

The benefits of installing your own fin box really outweigh the difficulty of the install.  You can change out the fins length depending on the water depth, or if there are a lot of weeds, if you decide to race or turf the board.  You can even make your own fins.

To install the fin box we had to find the center, make sure everything was level.  Cut a rectangle out, cut a piece of foam out as well to nestle it into.  We then made sure it fit.  Then the board broke, so we had to repair that.

After we repaired the rest, we forged on.  Here is the photographic evidence of forging.

This is how we went about putting the hole in the board.

Looks pretty good after we sanded it down and made sure it was perfectly flush and smooth.  The gap where the fin inserts will be filled with clay so we can fiberglass over it.  and then cut it out at the end.

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