It’s been a while since any updates have been posted.  It’s been cold.  Marc’s board is varnished and in the process of being sanded and polished for what seems to be the hundredth time.

In the mean time Christy’s board arrived, and she’s almost caught up with my progress!  It’s got to be “peanut buttered” ir filleted and then the sheer clamps to be planed.  Then sanding.  Which is where I am at.  Slowly, with the help of Marc, sanding so I can put the deck down and glue it on.


I’ve been looking at different fins online, as well as day dreaming about what bikini’s i’ll get to paddle around in.  😉


I really enjoyed learning about a gentlemen named Dave Cornthwaite who paddled the entire length of the mississipi river! Check out his web site, blogs, videos here:

I look forward to following him on his adventures and beginning my own this year!


Happy 2012!


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